What Sparkles Most are Kirk Kara Engagement Rings!

Are you looking for a lovely Kirk Kara diamond engagement ring that is uniquely you? Perhaps a gorgeous Kirk Kara engagement ring that celebrates your love with dazzling diamonds and handcrafted elegance? Then Ben Garelick Jewelers proudly presents jewelry designer Kirk Kara: master craftsmen of elegant engagement rings since 1890 – now at our brand-new website, whatsparklesmostisyou.com.

We at Ben Garelick Jewelers found Kirk Kara’s line of gorgeous diamond engagement rings so wildly popular with our customers, that we just had to create a special website to display every Kirk Kara engagement ring, including the Pirouette, Dahlia, Angelique, Charlotte and Carmella collections! Kirk Kara is a designer of handcrafted engagement rings and wedding bands for women and men, family-owned and committed to excellence since 1890. Each piece is meticulously hand engraved and millgrained in platinum or 18K gold and set with only the finest quality diamonds and gemstones. Some love the antique and vintage style of their rings, others appreciate the flower and leaf details in every ring in addition to the intricate band designs and yet others appreciate the whimsical styling in their engagement rings. You can be rest assured that every Kirk Kara diamond engagement ring has a perfectly matching wedding band, inviting everyday wear.

So now everything Kirk Kara is at whatsparklesmostisyou.com with online prices! And we offer free shipping, all over the world (from Connecticut to Hawaii USA and the UK to Dubai to Australia!)...with free engraving!  What’s more, if you want to try the ring on and see its glittering gems up close, we’ll ship it to you. If you’re happy with it, then it’s yours. If it’s not what you had in mind, you can return it with no obligations and minimal shipping cost (please see Shipping & Returns).

Kirk Kara engagement rings are renowned for their detailed classic lines, ideally cut diamonds, rich blue sapphires, their reputation for quality craftsmanship and their unique settings of diamonds and colored gemstones. Kirk Kara has also expanded and are now considered experts in design of color gemstone engagement rings. One of their most notable color gemstone engagement rings is the Charlotte Collection pink sapphire engraved engagement ring and ruby "peppermint" version of style SS6685P-R and SS6685R-R respectively. The green Tsavorite version of this ring is also very popular as it looks like an emerald engagement ring. In the Dahlia collection, one of the standout blue sapphire engagement rings is Style k155bdr and K1120SDC-R.

Many of our newly engaged Kirk Kara ladies are looking for that men's wedding band that coordinates with their wedding set. Kirk Kara also has a line of mens wedding rings from the Artin collection. On of our fan favorites is the blue sapphire and white gold men's Artin band Style SS6985MS-B.

At whatsparklesmostisyou.com, we envision a world which embraces marriage equality. Our staff looks forward to helping find your perfect wedding rings. Day-to-day we treat our customers with dignity and respect and commit ourselves to giving our best to the GLBT community. Since same-sex couples are not bound by the so-called 'typical wedding traditions' where a groom would propose to his bride, same-sex couples have the freedom to create their own customs, which is what makes it so exciting! Because of Kirk Kara’s design aesthetic, many of his rings not only match but coordinate well with each other from collection to collection. Experts say that there are no established norms about who should propose or who gets to wear a ring, since sex-based etiquette rules don't apply. So whether you choose to wear your rings on your right or left hand on your wedding day, you and your Kirk Kara ring will look spectacular! We created a collection of Kirk Kara rings for same sex couples for their wedding day. One of the featured rings is the Angelique scrollwork wedding band SS6967-B-WG.

We accept all major credit cards, PayPal and even offer a carefree layaway plan so you can pay over time with no interest. We strive to make this process as pleasurable as possible because at the end of the day...What Sparkles Most is You!